Which Tycoons Are Using Their Media Holdings to Promote Israeli Views?

Iranian Atomic Urgency

As Hillary Clinton visits Israel, David Horovitz weighs in on Israel, the US and Iran. So does Haaretz‘s Barak Ravid. But a NY Post staff-ed harshly ties Clinton’s Israel stopover to US election politics and the Arab Spring.

Giora Eiland shares his thoughts on the Iranian nuclear threat with Haaretz.

Arab Spring Winter

American Pentecostal pastor abducted by Sinai Bedouins. Rev. Michel Louis is from Boston, so more on the story at the Boston Herald.

The Washington Post visits the Sinai for a first-hand look at the deteriorating security situation. While Bedouin tribesmen dispense justice to drug smugglers and human traffickers on their own, terror camps are dotting the region:

The increasing boldness of militant cells in the area does not yet concern him, Meneey said, noting that he does not share their goal of creating an Islamic caliphate. The fighters who set up a small training facility about three miles from his home earlier this year are respectful of locals, and number no more than 150.

But he worries that such groups could evolve into a powerful movement with links to militant groups in Palestinian territories and other Muslim countries.

Reuters: Fighting spreads to Damascus suburbs; armored vehicles and snipers deployed.

With Syria virtually assured of a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, columnist Joel Brinkley calls on the US to quit the UNHRC:

Early in its term, the Obama administration appointed a member for the first time in many years, hoping that a U.S. presence might bring a moderating influence.

Obviously, that hasn’t worked. The council is irredeemable. It’s time the U.S. dropped out and gave the council the attention it deserves: none at all.

Douglas Feith (Wall Street Journal via Google News) says President Obama is letting the UN tie his hands on Syria.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Nissren Kader is a rising star in the Israeli music scene. Although she is an Arab, several Jewish-Mizrahi songs have become hits. So when the BBC profiled Miss Kader, Lyn Julius (Times of Israel) was rightly irritated:

Only the BBC can twist into an Israel-bashing exercise a feel-good story about how Israeli Arabs are being given the chance to contribute to Israeli society.

Israel was excluded from an international counter-terrorism conference — with US complicity.A NY Post staff-ed’s outraged:

But the message is clear: Israel, long the world’s chief target of international terrorism, increasingly is being written out of the global discussion of that very issue.

That Washington should be complicit in this effort to isolate and marginalize Israel is ominous indeed.

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