Bombing Fatally Strikes Assad’s Inner Circle

Iranian Atomic Urgency

British Olympic officials are preparing for any emergency: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, even an Israeli strike on Iran.

Arab Spring Winter

Who the heck is funding the Syrian rebels, asks the Times of London (paywall). The rebels don’t know either:

We know what we are fighting against, but we don’t know exactly who we are fighting for,” admitted the khattiba’s commander, Lieutenant Ahmad, a tall athletic man in his mid-twenties who was an infantry officer in the Syrian army before defecting to join the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) seven months ago.

“A middleman in Turkey masks the sponsor’s identity. We can never deal with him directly. At the moment there are no conditions to the money and weapons we receive. But I’m worried that one day there might be.”

. . .

“It would be much better if the sponsor dealt with us directly, or else through an official central committee run by the FSA. At least then we would have some form of transparency and end the deception.

 The LA Times rounds up the latest videos of fighting in Damascus.

A pattern behind Syrian massacres suggests to some that the Alawites are trying to carve out a breakaway state. That’s GlobalPost‘s assessment.

The Guardian‘s Ian Black is in Israel, getting a sense of how Israelis are relating to the Arab Spring.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Jeffrey Goldberg on Kadima pulleding out of the unity coalition over the haredi draft issue: So Much for That King of Israel Business.

With 112 ways to spell Gaddafi’s name, blogging the late Brother Leader was always maddening. A new report is now fueling old rumors that the late colonel was Jewish. Gaddafi’s former protocol chief says the rumors are true. Israel HaYom writes:

Masmari claimed in the interview that the Libyan dictator’s mother was indeed Jewish, and that in an attempt to hide this, Gadhafi himself ordered the death of anyone who had evidence of his Jewish roots.

The former chief of protocol said that during the 1980s, Gadhafi learned that three senior officials in his regime had evidence that proved beyond any doubt that Gadhafi’s mother was Jewish. He subsequently ordered their assassination.

(Image of Scharia via YouTube/UNWashington, Syrian rebels via YouTube/RussiaToday)

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