Hackers Continue Plaguing Reuters

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Is Saudi Arabia gearing up for war?

Iran doesn’t deserve the legitimacy that comes with hosting the Non-Aligned Movement’s summit. David Harris offers five reasons to deny Ahmadinejad the grandstanding he desperately needs:

In other words, this is not the time to embrace Iran, but to shun it for (i) its complicity in Syria, (ii) trampling of human rights, (iii) sponsorship of terrorism, (iv) violation of UN Security Council resolutions and IAEA guidelines regarding its nuclear program, and (v) genocidal desire to annihilate another UN member state.

If you haven’t seen it yet, HonestReporting’s slideshare makes a similar point.

Arab Spring Winter

I need a scorecard to keep up with the latest Damascus defections. Add Syria’s Prime Minister (you read that right), first astronaut, and a senior intelligence officer,

Rebel sources claim 3,000 Iranian fighters arrived in Damascus. The JCPA has a more in-depth look at what’s known about The Role of Iranian Security Forces in Syria.

Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham took to the Washington Post op-ed section to call for more hands-on assistance to Syrian rebels.

AP: A state-run TV station in the middle of Damascus was bombed.

German anti-war personality Jürgen Todenhöfer defended his July interview with Assad.

Some of Mr. Todenhöfer’s critics in Germany said the interview was a self-indulgent exercise that had allowed the Syrian president to convey false humanity.

LA Times: Egyptian women and Christians grumble about being under-represented in Morsi’s new cabinet. 

Rest O’ the Roundup

IDF commando sues state over Mavi Marmara photo

Former naval commando who participated in deadly clashes aboard a Gaza-bound Turkish ship in 2010 claims a photo of the incident revealed his identity, forcing him to cancel plans to study abroad out of fear that terror organizations would target him for revenge.

(Image credits: burning APC: IDF Spokesperson blog)

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