Morsi Ousts Egyptian Military Leaders

Gaza-Sinai Terror Ties

Jihadis killed a Bedouin tribal leader and his son. According to Reuters, the murder came on the heels of a jihadi gathering to decide their response to Egypt’s crackdown. Summer’s going to get hotter:

They agreed that the reaction will be harsh,” the source said.

Sinai lawlessness allows Palestinians to test rockets’ range and accuracy. Reuters explains how.

Israel and the Palestinians

Palestinian incitement against Israel continues . . .

On Jerusalem’s Jaffa Road, an artist evokes mood at time of suicide attacks. Washington Post correspondent Joel Greenberg notes that city’s main thoroughfare

has the dubious distinction of being the street hit by the most such attacks anywhere in the world.

Iranian Atomic Urgency

NATO official Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard told Haaretz (paywall) that an Israeli or US strike on Iran at this time would serve jihadi interests.

Ex-PM Ehud Olmert also weighs in against attacking Iran now.

Arab Spring Winter

The Wall Street Journal updates the latest from Syria.

Rest O’ the Roundup

National Geographic ranked the Israel National Trail among the world’s 20 most epic hikes.

Of course, the INT does take hikers to spots that have immense significance in the Judeo-Christian world and beyond. Among these is the sheer climb up the 1,929-foot peak of Mount Tabor, where Barak and 10,000 Israelites defeated Sisera and the Canaanites as recorded in the Bible’s Book of Judges. The heights of Mount Carmel are sacred to Jews and Christians as well as to Ahmadiyya Muslims and followers of the Bahá’í faith.

More modern sites, such as the Metzudat Koach memorial, commemorating 28 soldiers who died taking a fort in the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict, speak to the still ongoing tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. But life on the trail is safe and far from current hostilities. In fact, the joy of the trail is meeting the Israelis hiking it and spending some time in small kibbutzim where the local people will take hikers into their homes. On the trail, there is peace and friendship.

Among the other trails on the list are Mexico’s Copper Canyon, Nepal’s Great Himalaya Trail, and Iceland’s Laugavegurinn/Fimmvörðuháls Pass.

View from Mt. Tabor

(Image of Mt. Tabor via Flickr/Copper Kettle)

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