Did Hamas have advance info about the Kerem Shalom attack?

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Haaretz talked to experts about how war with Iran would effect Israel’s economy. On a somewhat related note, Dan Williams of Reuters questions whether Israel’s tough enough for a long war.

A NY Times staff-ed says Israel should give sanctions and diplomacy more time. Dan Margalit (Israel HaYom) points out that some of Israel’s biggest decisions came after the rest of the world told Jerusalem to wait. And a Wall Street Journal op-ed (via Google News) says there are grounds to expel Iran from the UN and IMF.

Last but not least, Time, The Guardian, AP, and Haaretz try to make sense of Israeli media chatter on the issue. So does Bret Stephens, whose Wall Street Journal video is the most enlightening of the lot.

Arab Spring Winter

Hezbollah denies Arab media that one of its members was captured in Syria while on a mission to fight against rebels. The Daily Star had most information about Hassan Salim Meqdad and a film of his alleged confession.

Opposition figures worry that the rebel offensive in Aleppo creating a humanitarian crisis. Did the Free Syrian Army miscalculate? asks the LA Times.

What does Iran get for supporting Assad? asks CNN.

Syrian rebels were filmed tossing dead soldiers off the roof of a building in the northern town of al-Bab. The Lede and the LA Times have more info about the graphic video, which was filmed three weeks ago. The latter talked to an eyewitness:

“There were snipers on the roof of the post office,” said the activist, who asked to be identified as Barry for security’s sake . . .

“Finally the rebels managed to storm the post office and threw explosive devices and the five snipers were killed. Then the rebels threw the bodies from the roof.”

“What happened was really bad. We should respect the dead even if they were our enemies,” he added, saying that later the bodies were buried according to Muslim customs.

Reuters: Syrian rebels shot down what they say was a Mig fighter jet over the town of Mohassen. They posted a video of an aircraft clearly bursting into flames.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Poynter rounds up media reactions to Fareed Zakaria’s plagiarism woes. By the way, the Yale Daily News says the university is reviewing its relationship with Zakaria, who is a Yale trustee and alumnus.

(Image of  F15 via Flickr/US Air Force)

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