BBC Runs Unverifiable “Scoop” From Credibility-Challenged Richard Silverstein

Christian Science Monitor has a similar take on the beating war drums.

Boycotts and Divestment

• Tensions increase between Israel and South Africa in wake of South African ministers comments that the government discourages its citizens from visiting Israel. The minister claimed the reason was that Israel oppresses Palestinians. AIPAC countered that the South African government does not discourage its citizens from visiting Arab countries despite their appalling human rights records.

• The United Church of Canada declares boycott of Israeli goods from the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem. Jewish groups fighting the decision claim the move is at odds with views of church members, who want the church to maintain neutrality on the conflict.

The Rest of the Roundup

• Families of assassinated Iranian scientists have filed a suit against Israel, US, and Britain. The main evidence comes from “confessions” from 14 suspects in Iran.

• Egyptian military is pushing the limits on bringing weapons into the Sinai while the Takfiris, a group “so extreme that it worries even Egypt’s Muslim ultraconservatives” appears to be building up arms in the region.

UN Panel says Syria committed war crimes. Who saw that coming?