Mideast Moves on Without the US

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Today’s Top Stories

1. This Jerusalem Post snippet about Israeli support for the Egyptian government was referring to the NY Times, but it also applies to followup at the LA Times, AP, Reuters, AFP, Bloomberg News, and Financial Times (click via Google News).

Chuck Freilich, a senior fellow at the Belfer Center of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a former deputy national security adviser in Israel, told the Post that he thinks The New York Times is over-hyping the story, making the lobbying campaign seem like a huge operation, when this is what any country does when faced with a crisis.

2. The world’s learning to manage without the US, reports McClatchy News. And in a scathing assessment, Spengler points to “a Russian-Chinese-Saudi condominium of interests” picking up the reins Uncle Sam dropped. Indeed, the Saudis offered to replace cut off Western aid to Egypt. See also Bret Stephens (click via Google News).

I wonder where this realignment will leave Israel.


Egypt viewed from space.

3. The US has already secretly suspended military aid to Egypt, according to The Daily Beast. Between technical legal issues, the White House’s desire for flexibility, and a general lack of American leverage, it’s hard to see the wisdom behind the policy:

The administration’s confused messaging on Egypt also has analysts scratching their heads and wondering whether temporary suspensions of aid can have any real effect.

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5. Humanizing the Victims of Terror:

“In light of all this death, there is no room, or even a slight desire, to distinguish between targeting innocent civilians and political quarrels. This happens every day, until we all became desensitized . . .”

Israel and the Palestinians

Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon meeting Benjamin Netanyahu last week.

How does he do that? After telling Jerusalem students that the UN is biased against Israel, Ban Ki-moon told reporters in New York that the UN is not biased against Israel.

Gaza’s emerging Tamarod movement is calling for the ouster of Hamas and released a video “announcing a series of anti-Hamas activities as of November 11.” Hamas predictably dismissed the video, saying Fatah was behind it. Jerusalem Post coverage.

Cornered, Hamas looks back at Iran, Hezbollah

AP: The UN’s top human rights watchdog, Navi Pillay, challenged Israel and the US to explain the legal basis of drone strikes in Gaza and other areas of the world.

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  • Hamas cautiously finds its voice on Egypt’s crackdown.

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