Israel Objects to Egypt’s Sinai Military Buildup

Israel and the Palestinians

Tzipi Livni

Tzipi Livni’s heading a Tel Aviv U. project on Israel’s international stature. She told the Jerusalem Post about her new work:

“We all know that the delegitimizing of Israel internationally harms the country and restrains our military operations,” Livni told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday. “The more legitimacy you have, the easier it is to be able to carry out necessary operations. It must be recognized that this is part of Israel’s national security.” . . .

The study will compare how Israel is perceived in the United States, Europe, and Asia. She said her team’s work could complement efforts by the Foreign Ministry.

“We want to see what could be done to improve Israel’s image using modern technology and social networks,” she said.

BBC reporter Jon Donnison visited Rafah to find out how Gaza’s tunneling industry is faring. I was more amused to see that Gazans aren’t into boycotting Israeli products:

Now when you visit a supermarket in Gaza nearly all the products are Israeli.

Despite the long-running conflict with Israel, Palestinians in Gaza nearly always tell you they prefer Israeli goods to Egyptian. They think they are better quality.

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Iran unveiled an upgraded short-range ballistic missile. Details at AP.

Israel’s embassy in Dublin was evacuated after a suspicious object found on the premises. And at the embassy in Nairobi, a motorcyclist rammed his way into the compound:

The motorcyclist was arrested and taken in for questioning. It is still unknown if the incident was accidental, or if the individual meant to test the embassy’s security measures.

This is the second security incident involving the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi in recent weeks: In July it was revealed that Nairobi authorities apprehended two Iranian agents plotting to assassinate Israel’s Ambassador to Kenya Gil Haskel, by planting a bomb in his car.

For more commentary/analysis, see Israel HaYom, Bernard Avishai, and Clifford May.

Arab Spring Winter

Obama warns Assad not to bring chemical weapons into play. China and Russia warn the West that any use of force must be within UN parameters.

Veteran Japanese war correspondent Mika Yamamoto was killed in Aleppo.

The Lede‘s trying to make sense of what Al-Qaida’s doing in Syria.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Tweet of the day:

(Image of Livni via Wikimedia Commons/Itzike)

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