Syrian Chemical Attack Kills Hundreds

Arab Spring Winter

The White House denies it suspended aid to Egypt.

Arab perceptions of US weakness may lead to unlikely Arab alliances with Israel. Haaretz‘s Chemi Shalev points out:

Gulf states are increasingly concerned about America’s diminishing power of deterrence toward Iran, discouraged about the prospects of U.S. military action against Tehran’s nuclear facilities, and worried about a U.S. deal with the new Iranian President Hassan Rohani that would allow Washington to declare victory and disengage from the issue.

These countries increasingly view credible Israeli threats of military action – which may drag Washington to war against its will – as the last bulwark against an inevitable Tehran triumph.


In case anyone’s wondering, Egyptian Jews support the army’s crackdown. JTA coverage.

With much of its leadership in prison or on the run, who’s running the Muslim Brotherhood now?

For more commentary/analysis, see the Times of London, Christian Science Monitor, Jonathan Tobin, Dan Margalit, Tom Friedman, Israel HaYom, Shmuel Rosner, Aluf Benn, Leslie Gelb, and a Chicago Tribune staff-ed.

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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