Naval Forces Move Towards Syria

August 25, 2013 16:09 by

Arab Spring Winter

Israeli aircraft struck a Lebanese terror camp belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command after Thursday’s rocket attacks on northern Israel. The Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel analyze Thursday’s rocket attacks.

Graphic footage: Britain’s ITV obtained what it’s calling “the first independent images of the alleged chemical attack.” More on the story at CNN.

 Egypt uncovered a terror plot to block Suez Canal traffic by sinking a ship near Port Said. According to the Sunday Times of London, Egyptian Islamic Jihad is linked to Al-Qaeda:

The economic consequences of even a brief closure of the canal could prove catastrophic. The Egyptian government’s revenue from the canal amounts to more than $5bn a year.

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Galloway’s being Galloway again. From his Press TV soapbox, British parliamentarian George Galloway claims Israel supplied Al-Qaida with the chemical weapons used in last week’s attack.

Pass the popcorn: Hezbollah accuses Hamas of committing acts of terror.

Pass the popcorn: Al-Qaida accuses Hezbollah of committing acts of terror.

Pass the popcorn: Mufti accuses Hezbollah of destroying Lebanon and Syria — for Israel!?

At least 100 Canadians went to Syria to fight with the rebels.

“The spectre of these young people returning to Canada — with combat experience and thoroughly radicalized views — is a serious national security concern.”

For more commentary/analysis, see Mordechai KedarDore GoldCharles Krauthammer, Avi Issacharoff, Tom Friedman, Edward Luttwak, Jeffrey Goldberg, Mordechai Kedar (on Egypt), and a Christian Science Monitor staff-ed.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Another shlemiel thought he’d hotfoot his way out of trouble at the airport:

NBC News

The Times of Israel brings you another “only in Israel” moment:

Typing error sends Tel Aviv Stock Exchange plummeting

Is Israel-Turkey gas pipeline dead?

(Image of Hamas via YouTube/OneEyed TV)

For more, see Thursday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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