Did a US Message to Iran Leave Israel Hanging?

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Plenty of commentaries trying to make sense of Gen. Patrick Dempsey’s remarks about not being “complicit” in an Israeli attack on Iran.

  1. A NY Post staff-ed accuses Obama of leaving Israel dangling.
  2. Haaretz’s Chemi Shalev says the US is goading Israel to attack.
  3. Is Jeffrey Goldberg’s confidence in Obama wavering?

For more commentary/analysis, see the Times of Israel, Bloomberg News, and the National Review,

Arab Spring Winter

Worth reading: It says a lot about Egyptian anti-Semitism that Mohammed Morsi won’t even mention Israel by name. The Daily Telegraph‘s Jake Walls Simpson writes:

From the Egyptian perspective, Lieberman’s invitation will be perceived as a provocation. Morsi’s reluctance to say the word “Israel” points to a deeply ingrained anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli sentiment that is widespread in Egyptian society; were he to appear to have a reasonable stance towards the Jewish state, his popularity at home would have plummeted. This is the case throughout much of the Muslim world. In this context, Lieberman’s apparent olive branch will be seen as nothing short of inflammatory.

Morsi appoints new ambassador to Israel. Atef Salem, who once served as Egyptian consul in Eilat, will present credentials to Shimon Peres in October.

Orly Weinerman

Who needs E.L. James when you can read the Daily Mail? Saif al-Islam Gadaffi’s last girlfriend — an Israeli actress — made a plea to save his life. Gadaffi faces the death penalty in Libya for his role in the deaths of Libyan protesters.But Orly Weinerman raising her profile may be another nail in Gadaffi’s coffin: Libyans don’t like Israel.

Two Palestinians killed as Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus is shelled. More at Maan News.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Facebook bans Nasrallah’s birthday: page shut down after 7,000 people joined the event.

(Image of Dempsey via American Forces Press Service, Weinerman via YouTube/OrlyWeinerman)

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