IDNS: Assad Has Plans to Give Hezbollah Chemical Weapons

Israel and the Palestinians

A NY Times op-ed argues that the US was complicit in Sabra/Shatila massacre because it bought into Israeli “deceptions.” The Independent‘s Robert Fisk also notes the anniversary. This snippet proves that the more things change, the more they stay the same:

It is an irony – but an important one, nonetheless – that the only nation to hold a serious official enquiry into the massacre, albeit flawed, was Israel. The Israeli army sent the killers into the camps and then watched – and did nothing – while the atrocity took place.

Ben Cohen doesn’t buy Hussein Ibish‘s nonsense about Jewish refugees. See also Israel HaYom‘s Dror Eydar.

Heh: The Guardian’s forced to admit (again) that it was wrong about Israel. This time, it’s for misleading readers about the Mavi Marmara.

The Independent: A Hamas court convicted four men for the murder of Italian “activist” Vittorio Arrigoni. Now that Big Media has an excuse to revisit the Arrigoni file, here’s hoping Harriet Sherwood and the Jewish Chronicle keep the peace.

If you love to hate the UNRWA, here’s more fodder:

Yet another report of a deteriorating Palestinian economy. This time, it’s Reuters picking up on a glum World Bank assessment.

Good grief: Israeli cruise review sinks in an ocean of garbage.

Arab Spring Winter and Muslim Rage

Signs of the times:

  1. Peace deal with Egypt is empty, says ambassador who fled Cairo after mob attack
  2. El Al to halt Cairo flights
  3. Sinai jihadis attack UN peacekeeping base.
  4. Sinai jihadis attack Egyptian security base.

A Syrian from Aleppo got op-ed space in the NY Times. This snippet gives a sense of how the opposition views Israel:

As the international community dithers, many Syrians are prepared to accept aid from whoever offers it — even from Israel. Iran and Hezbollah support the regime; that makes these enemies of Israel also enemies of the rebels. Many Syrians believe Israel is not hamstrung by the same military inhibitions that prevent Washington from intervening.

The commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards Corp acknowledged Iran’s involvement in the Syrian uprising. More at the Wall. Street Journal (via Google News).

Libyan officials: embassy attack was timed for anniversary of 9/11; film was just a pretext. More at the Times of Israel.

Must read: With an assist from Memri, Tom Friedman nails the Arab rage.

Husain Haqqani (Wall Street Journal via Google News) says Muslim rage was manipulated, and the US is playing into it too.

Egypt threatens to execute American citizens allegedly involved in the Mohammed movie. Michael Totten reacts to the international arrest warrants Cairo sent out.

After coming up with a cheesy cover, Newsweek invited the twitterverse to comment using the #MuslimRage hashtag. The mag’s now taking it on the chin; Muslims are tweeting humorous and real things that make them angry. Backstory at The Lede, which rounds up the best reax. I also liked Megan Garber’s take at The Atlantic.

The French magazine Charlie Hebdo is pushing things with a new round of provocative Mohammed cartoons. AFP coverage.

  CNN revisits the problem of human trafficking in the Sinai. Some Bedouin chiefs fighting back against the bad guys.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Lockup, the NBC series about life in prison, visited Israel and found a surprisingly positive story about life behind bars. The full show’s not online, but the Times of Israel explains what drew the show’s attention:

The hour-long Lockup episode features visits to three Israeli prisons: Rimonim, Israel’s largest maximum-security prison; Neve Tirza, the only facility for women, and Hermon, known as “the largest therapeutic community in Israel.” Lockup field producers interview inmates and staff at each prison with an eye toward explaining why Israel’s recidivism — repeat-offender — rates are among the lowest in the world.

Not only does Israel maintain fewer prisoners per capita than most Western countries, but released inmates achieve high levels of reintegration into society.

Here’s a clip from the show.

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YNet: Shots fired at the Tayibe offices of a popular Israeli-Arab newspaper.

If you visit the pre-historic Soreq Cave, don’t be spooked by the lighting system, which the LA Times is “as spectacular as it is eerie.” Correspondent Ed Sanders explains:

By using only a limited part of the color spectrum of light and focusing on certain shades of orange, blue and green, scientists are betting the new system will eradicate one of the cave’s biggest threats: algae.

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