Assassination Roils Lebanon

Iranian Atomic Urgency

NY Times: Uncle Sam and Iran agreed to direct, one-on-one talks. White House denies.

An independent tribunal in The Hague will begin investigating the execution of some 20,000 Iranian political prisoners in the 80’s. The proceedings will not only indict the Khomeini regime, but the international justice system as well, according to The Guardian.

The hearing, aimed at uncovering the truth of what occurred in Iran’s jails, highlights the selective nature of what goes before the UN’s courts and special tribunals. Founded in 2007 because no official judicial body would investigate complaints against Iran, it is a cross between a people’s truth commission and a formal legal indictment.

Arab Spring Winter

Another female reporter was assaulted in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. France 24 says its reporter, Sonia Dridi was okay after some tense moments.

Tony Badran (Now Lebanon): The US is abandoning Turkey, leaving an open playing field for Syria, Iran and Russia.

Syria’s blocking disrupting newscasts from CNN, BBC and Voice of America. The Daily Telegraph writes:

Sources within broadcasting companies said Syria appeared to have sought Iranian assistance to disrupt the signal as part of an information war against the West.

 Rest O’ the Roundup

YNet: Cypriot security foiled an attack on Israeli tourists.

Count ’em — 154 Brazilian newspapers are boycotting Google News over its refusal to compensate the papers for their headlines:

ANJ’s recommendation was followed by all of the 154 newspapers that belong to the organization and account for more than 90 percent of the country’s newspaper circulation. Google argues the company doesn’t need to pay for the rights to use headlines because Google News benefits newspapers by redirecting large volumes of user traffic to their websites.

 (Image of voting via YouTube/Euronews)

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