A Day of Rockets

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Dr. Ehud Eilam (pdf) explores whether Hamas and Hezbollah would join Iran in a war against Israel. Spoiler alert:

If Israel attacks Iran, Hamas would probably stay out of it. Hizballah and its Iranian patrons might hesitate because of Syria and the concern about the political future of Hizballah in Lebanon. Hizballah would open fire on Israel but would not start an all-out war. They might wait for a better opportunity, such as when Iran gets the bomb.

Bank of Israel governor Stanley Fischer talked to CNBC about the sanctions on Iran and the economic repercussions. Read the interview or watch the video.

Arab Spring Winter

Revealing some new info about Hezbollah’s low-tech drone, Karl Vick (Time) concludes the affair is a big sign of weakness for the terror group:

So formidable is the image of Fortress Israel that that the slightest breach can be made out as a triumph – and, for Hizballah, a way of changing the subject from the group’s unflagging support for a Syrian government slaughtering its own people. The PR success managed to overshadow the military price of the same episode. By sending the drone up as a diversion, Hizballah revealed a heretofore hidden capacity to the Israelis, sacrificing the element of surprise that would have mattered more in the controlled chaos of a shooting war.

Cool AFP photo of rebel snipers in Aleppo.

(Image of flag via Flickr/uggboy)

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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