UNESCO Strips Israeli, US Voting Rights

Iranian Atomic Urgency

AP: Jordan will take the UN Security Council rejected by the Saudis. Hillel Neuer slammed the political horse-trading that led to this.

Imagine the outrage if Israel did this: Iranian TV aired an animated missile strike on Tel Aviv, Dimona, and other Israeli sites. Backstory at the Times of Israel.

For commentary/analysis on Israel and the nuclear talks, see Chemi Shalev, Ron Ben-Yishai, AP, Kenneth Pollack, Max Fisher, Jeffrey Goldberg (Bibi and Iran), Jeffrey Goldberg (8 questions), The Atlantic, Ian Black, Dan Margalit, Mitch Ginsburg, and a Financial Times staff-ed (click via Google News).

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Arab Spring Winter

Why is Al Jazeera paying for exiled Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders’ hotel rooms in Doha? The Washington Post writes:

Several of the exiles live temporarily in hotel suites paid for by Qatar’s state-run Arabic satellite network Al Jazeera — and it is in those suites and hotel lobbies that the future of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and, more broadly, the strategy and ideology of political Islam in the country may well be charted.

A dead 12 year-old Egyptian boy has become the new Mohammed al-Dura — and it’s not clear whether he was killed by the Egyptian army or Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Satirical impersonation of Hassan Nasrallah draws Hezbollah protests.

In 2006, the same political satire program imitated Nasrallah, which resulted in the suspension of the program for almost a month.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Amos Yadlin

Amos Yadlin

YNet: Amos Yadlin was delayed at London’s Heathrow Airport because Turkey has a standing warrant for his arrest in the Mavi Marmara affair.

Yadlin formerly the IDF’s intelligence chief, is one of Israel’s most prominent voices on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program and was also one of the pilots who bombed Iraq’s Osirak reactor in 1981.

After the delay, Yadlin continued his UK visit as planned.

BBC: The US indicted the son of Suriname’s president for supporting Hezbollah:

The son of President Desi Bouterse was extradited from Panama in August.

He had already been charged with trying to smuggle cocaine and weapons into the United States . . .

At a meeting in Greece, Mr Bouterse reportedly accepted $2 million (£1.25m) to help Hezbollah fighters settle in Suriname, give them passports and arm them with surface-to-air missiles and other weapons.

Huffington Post to launch Israeli web site.

(Image of UNESCO via Wikimedia Commons/Kastey, Yadlin via YouTube/INSS Israel)

For more, see Thursday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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