Islamist Rebels Seize Syrian Villages in Golan DMZ

Israel and the Palestinians

CNN: A dispute over a $2.3 million water bill is making for testy times at Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre:

As a result, the church is considering closing for a day in protest, shutting the doors to pilgrims for the first time in centuries.

The International Press Institute and Maan News are taking up the cause of Jihad Harb, a Palestinian journalist who faces prosecution after he questioned irregular hiring practices in Mahmoud Abbas’s office. More background at The Daily Beast.

The JTA caught up with French-Jewish activist and politician, Philippe Karsenty. He’s still fighting the Mohammed Dura video. I interviewed Karsenty when he started out in his battle with France 2 TV. He was a bulldog then too.

Arab Spring Winter

France became the first Western country to recognize the new Syrian rebel coalition. According to AP, Paris officials raised the possibility of sending arms. Time‘s Tony Karon reacts.

Jordanians rioted over rising fuel costs. Blame Israel? Nobody’s doing that — this is squarely Egypt’s fault.

The LA Times looks at deepening Egyptian-Turkish ties. How concerned should Israel be?

Depressed about the Mideast, Tom Friedman draws inspiration from Iraq?!

Accusing the Egyptian government of not keeping post-election promises, Sinai Bedouins plan a Day of Rage on November 20. I wonder what that‘s going to look like.

Rest O’ the Roundup

How bad is the chaos at the BBC? Count the ways:

  1. The investigator into Jimmy Savile’s pedophilia now says Savile created his show “as a vehicle for his offending.”
  2.  The Beeb began taking disciplinary actions over the Newsnight scandal.
  3. Fran Unsworth — filling in as news director for a suspended Helen Boaden — asked her employees not to tweet about “our problems.”
  4. Mark Thompson, the Beeb’s former news director, had a rough first day at the NY Times.

(Image of church candles via Flickr/beggs)

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