World Gears Up for Palestinian Statehood Vote

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Today’s Top Stories

1. The UN General Assembly’s Palestinian statehood vote’s on Thursday. Britain looks likely support the Palestinian statehood bid, reports the Financial Times (via Google News). The FT says London wants three Palestinian assurances:

• The PA won’t join the International Criminal Court or other UN agencies.

• The PA won’t use non-member observer status as a stepping stone for full statehood in the UN Security Council.

• A renewed PA commitment to immediately return to peace talks without preconditions.

Meanwhile, Australia will abstain on Palestinian statehood vote. According to ABC News, Prime Minister Julia Gillard opposes statehood, but agreed to abstain as a compromise with her deeply divided Labor Party. The Sydney Morning Herald describes the backbench revolt Gillard faced.

2. Mohammed Morsi’s power play quickly eclipsed international attention on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Morsi seems to be backing down somewhat. Weighing in on the would-be autocrat, see staff-eds in the NY Times and Washington Post, Bret Stephens (via Google News), Michael Totten, Eric Trager, and Jonah Goldberg.

3. Can you imagine the outrage if Israel did this?

• Damascus playground hit by cluster bombs: 10 children dead, 70 bomblets found

• Syria systematically demolishes homes in pro-rebel neighborhoods: regime claims it’s clearing illegal slums.

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