Israel Prepares Its Response to Statehood Vote

Israel and the Palestinians

Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit Gaza next week. Today’s Zaman says he’ll be accompanied by Khaled Meshaal.

Yasser Arafat

A staff-ed in the Daily Telegraph nicely blasts the Arafat exhumation and its associated conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, it also refers to Tel Aviv instead of Jerusalem:

This strange episode is a sign of the extent to which politics across the Arab world has been contaminated – and corrupted – by conspiracy theory. If signs of poison are indeed found, the blame will immediately be put on Israel – ignoring the fact that Tel Aviv had every reason to keep the erratic and discredited Arafat alive and kicking. Then again, the absence of evidence has scarcely kept those in the Middle East from buying into conspiracy theories of any and every kind, usually with Israel and the United States as the culprits.

Does Big Media’s Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Gaza Give Free Pass to Congolese Massacres?

Worth reading: Nira Lee — an IDF liaison officer helping coordinate the passage of aid, goods and delegations to Gaza — describes What I Saw During Operation Pillar of Defense.

NY Times public editor: Gaza Photo Caption Should’ve Been Better. But “Orwellian?” Naaaah.

52 Nobel laureates call for a boycott of Israel. They probably dug up that other Nobel laureate, Yasser Arafat to pad their list, but he was still dead . . .

For more commentary on Israeli-Palestinian issues, see the Melbourne Herald Sun, Chicago Sun-Times, Jonathan Kay, and Melanie Phillips.

Rest O’ the Roundup

Anti-Israel hackers got into the UN nuclear agency’s computer server. Details at the BBC.

NY Times: Video of rebels downing a Syrian helicopter suggests new surface-to-air capabilities. But is that necessarily good news?

“Once these weapons are outside of government control, it is often extremely difficult to track their movement and control who has access to them,” said Matthew Schroeder, an analyst who studies missile proliferation at the Federation of American Scientists in Washington.

Andrew Keen urges Twitterers to take responsibility for their tweets.

(Image of UN via Flickr/stevecadman, Arafat via National Photo Collection)

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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