Is a Third Intifada Starting to Erupt in West Bank?

Iranian Atomic Urgency

Two Iranian warships docked at Port Sudan. CNN reports they’ll stay for the long term as Iran boosts its presence at the Red Sea’s entrance.

Arab Spring Winter

Ambassador Michael Oren talked about Syria’s chemical weapons with Fox News. Interestingly, Fox adds that Israeli and American red lines may not be the same:

Israel’s so-called “red line” is different than the United States’. While Israel considers the “red line” to be the movement of chemical weapons to extremist groups, the Obama administration has said lately that its trigger for action would be any move by Syrian President Bashar Assad to use the weapons against the Syrian people.

 Morsi gives army arrest powers before vote

Via CiF Watch, A staff-ed in The Guardian threw the paper’s support behind Mohammed Morsi’s power-grab. Moving that far to the left prompted two Comment is Free contributors — Rachel Shabi and Jack Shenker — to disassociate themselves from it. If the paper moves any further to the left, it’ll be off the charts.

Christian Science Monitor: Signs point to an “incremental” regime retreat to the Alawite enclave in the Syrian coastal mountains. This isn’t about creating a non-member observer “statelet.”

The chief motivation for retreating to the mountains in the first place is self-preservation rather than state-building . . .

For more, see yesterday’s Israel Daily News Stream.

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