Hezbollah’s Mexican Presence Threatens US

Yusef Qaradawi

 Ehud Barak got op-ed space in Prospect magazine.

Secrets of the Iron Dome Revealed: The CEO whose company developed Iron Dome’s command and control “brain” shared new details about the rocket defense system and how they’re integrating what they learned from the war for upgrading.

More bad news for the BDS: A group of Indian post-doctoral scholars are coming to Israel to continue their research. A total of 66 researchers from a variety of fields will spend three years in Israeli universities.

Arab Spring Winter

• Egypt: We’re pursuing ties with Hezbollah. See the Daily Star‘s interview with Ashraf Hamdy, the Egyptian ambassador in Beirut.

Mohammed Morsi invited the radical Sheikh Yusef Qaradawi back from exile to teach at Al-Azhar University. The opposition says Islamists are trying to push moderates out of the institution; the Times of London explains why the Islamic university’s power struggle matters to secular Egyptians:

The new constitution would turn al-Azhar into a virtual supreme court in Egypt, but it has provoked a furious battle within the venerable institution between moderates and Salafists.

Qaradawi’s banned from entering Britain and France, and is sometimes referred to as the Khomeini of Egypt.

For the first time in five years, Egypt allowed construction materials into Gaza. BBC coverage.

Bashar Assad is said to be isolated, fearful as regime faces collapse, reports the Washington Post.

Worth reading: Syrian moderates fear being edged out of uprising

(Image of Chiapas via Wikimedia Commons/TUBS, Qaradawi via YouTube/IIfsooffice)

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