Israel-Tagged Content The Guardian Could’ve Done Without

A web site called British Views of the World published this map showing which countries got the most international coverage in The Guardian. Get a good look at Israel:


Benjamin Hennig, who created the map explains:

To understand how British people perceive the events on the globe, one can look at how frequently a country has been mentioned in major news stories. The following maps do exactly this by visualising the number of news items on the website of the British Newspaper The Guardian (data derived from their Data store).

CiF Watch, which first spotted British Views of the World, notes:

Quite interestingly, the Guardian helps us out quite a bit, by noting that stories tagged “Israel” represented the 5th highest of any country specific tag (other than the UK).

Here's my top ten list of Israel-tagged content The Guardian could've done without (in reverse chronological order):

  1. The problem with Israel's Jewish 'refugee' initiative
  2. Battery hens' reality on Israeli farm exposed by hidden webcam
  3. Architects against Israeli occupation
  4. Wikipedia editing courses launched by Zionist groups
  5. Ethnic cleansing in the Israeli Negev
  6. Mark Regev, Israel's master of public relations
  7. Israeli politician moves to limit the soaring price of popcorn
  8. Live blog: Britain expels Israeli diplomat
  9. Israeli embassy raises eyebrows with tennis tweet
  10. Avatar protest at West Bank barrier

Is The Guardian obsessed with Israel? You betcha.