Israel’s northern threat

Israel’s northern border heated up this week. Here’s a rundown of what happened:

1) On Monday, a Palestinian group (probably the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) fired a number of rockets from Lebanon toward Israel. At least one splashed down near an Israeli sea vessel in Israeli territorial waters.

2) In retaliation hours later, the IAF struck a PFLP target just south of Beirut.

3) On Tuesday, Hezbullah shelled IDF positions on Har Dov, and the IDF returned fire. (article)

Below is a map that explains why it’s essential for Israel to respond to these provocations forcefully. The relevant item here is the range of Katyusha missiles:


News stories don’t include the information conveyed by this map. But you have no idea what’s really flying in this story if you don’t understand this map and its implications for Israeli security — over a million civilians live within range of Ketushas fired from southern Lebanon. And thanks to Syria and Iran, there are plenty pointing that way.