Itamar Marcus at HR mission


Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, addressed the HonestReporting mission this morning.

Marcus presented the latest examples of glorification of shahada (death for Allah) and villification of the Jewish people that permeate Palestinian media, including numerous examples that obscenely target young children.

Marcus stressed that the concept of shahada is inaccurately translated as ‘martyrdom’, since the Islamist version prevelant in Palestinian media stresses an active desire for death, as opposed to the Christian and Jewish notions of ‘martyrdom’ as an after-the-fact, passive status.

Marcus also pointed out that this entire matter is inaccurately grouped by the media under the rubric of ‘incitement’ — meriting short coverage, if at all — when in fact it is much deeper, social reality of hatred of Jews and Westerners that is properly understood in the broader context of world terrorism.

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