“It’s Impossible to Reconcile The Evidence With the Accepted Narrative About Israel”

January 12, 2012 12:23 by

Greg Sheridan

Greg Sheridan reminds me of why watchdogs like HonestReporting are battling against Big Media’s skewed views of Israel.

The Australian‘s columnist — who is visiting Israel– writes:

Spending time in Israel is dangerous because it is impossible to reconcile the evidence of your eyes with the accepted international narrative about Israel. In the international media, Israel is presented as militarist, right-wing, oppressive. In fact it is the only pluralist democracy in the Middle East, the only nation where women’s rights — and gay rights — are protected. It has a vibrant Left wing, a cacophonous democracy and an innovative economy.

The vast majority of Israelis would love to be rid of the Palestinians and their territories if they could be confident they would get peace and security in return.

Sheridan gets the obvious.

Will this penetrate the foreign press corps’ groupthink?

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