Key submissions deadline nears

BbcThe deadline for submissions to the Independent Panel examining BBC TV, radio and web coverage of the Mideast conflict is Friday, November 25 at 5:00 p.m. The panel, led by Sir Quentin Thomas will review submissions and call witnesses (including BBC staff). See here for more info about the panel.

The stakes are certainly high. BBC News Online is one of the 25 most visited web sites in the world. BBC Worldwide can be picked up throughout the world on shortwave radio. And for television, BBC News produces almost 160 hours of news output every hour. Millions of people around the world get info about Israel and the Mideast conflict from the BBC in one form or another.

The panel’s report — to be released in the spring — could have a big impact on BBC News. The BBC is funded by a TV license fee, and it’s royal charter expires at the end of 2006, so the Board of Governors may hold it’s news service to unprecedented accountability.

Email the panel at

Or send submissions to

Israeli-Palestinian Impartiality Review
BBC Governance Unit
Room 211, 35 Marylebone High Street
London, W1U 4AA