Lending Legitimacy to Terror

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Below is a letter to CNN with regards to their links to Hamas and Hizbollah web sites. If you agree that they should not have such links on their website, please forward this complaint to:


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Dear CNN,

I am very concerned with the links on your website to both Hamas and Hizbollah (links button).

According to the most recent publication of the US State Department (released April 2000), both are unambiguously designated as “International Terrorist Groups.”

I do not understand why CNN would wish to give legitimacy to Hizbollah, the group that murdered 241 US Marines in Lebanon in 1983 and has been involved in numerous attacks on civilians in many countries ever since. Recently, Hasan Nasrallah, head of Hizbollah in Lebanon (31 July 2000) responded to US discussion on moving its Embassy to Jerusalem by saying, “…honest people can turn your embassy to rubble and send back your diplomats in coffins.” In the past, Hizbollah has not made idle threats.

I would wonder how the families of the US Marines murdered in Lebanon would feel if they knew that CNN had this link on their website, publicizing to the world the views of those who killed their loved ones. I would also wonder if, when the perpetrators of the recent bombing of the USS Cole are found, CNN is planning to provide a link for them to air their political views also.

Both Hamas and Hizbollah are organizations dedicated to the murder of innocents in order to further their political aims. Surely CNN does not want to show support for and help legitimize these organizations?

I politely request that CNN remove these links.


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