Letter of the Month: Have You Been Published?

Spreading pro-Israel material (including HonestReporting’s content) virally through social media platforms or engaging in the arguments on talkbacks and comment sections are some of the easiest things you can do to help Israel on the frontlines of the media battleground.

But let’s not forget the traditional letter to the editor.Your letters still have the power to influence. Indeed, many studies have shown that newspaper readers are extremely interested to see the opinions of their fellow readers on the Letters pages.

We want to reward those of you who go the extra mile to compose letters to the media. Have you been published recently in a media outlet? Whether it is in your local paper or a national giant such as the New York Times, we want to know about it.

We will be publishing the best letters and the Letter of the Month. Here’s your chance to get recognized for your efforts. Send us your published letter to action@honestreporting.com.

We will also be looking for the best written efforts from the blind copied e-mails that you send to media outlets as a result of our action alerts.

Just remember the basic rules of good letter writing etiquette. See here and here for some letter writing tips.


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