Letter of the Month – January 2012

Only one out of eight letters published by The Guardian in response to accusations of Israeli mistreatment of Palestinian child detainees took Israel’s side. While it may have been short (or perhaps edited for length by The Guardian), HR subscriber Robert Simonofsky of New Jersey, USA wins January’s Letter of the Month by virtue of getting his letter into The Guardian.

His letter of January 25 is succinct and to the point:

Your paper, in collaboration with Defence for Children International, has falsely portrayed Israel as a country that tolerates the torture and abuse of Palestinian children, which is definitively not the case. Having to arrest, prosecute and imprison minors is by its very nature a difficult issue. Unfortunately, Israel has been forced out of necessity to address a problem arising from Palestinian society. So where then is the real child abuse?

Robert can look forward to receiving something special from HonestReporting in the mail very soon for his efforts.

Remember to keep writing those letters and let us know if you are published!