Letter of the Month

Letter of the Month – June 2012

This month’s winner submitted two letters in two different media outlets. In the first, published on June 1 in the Irish Examiner, Martin Stern of Salford in the UK shows the value of getting the...

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Letter of the Month – Surprise Winner

The emailed letter to the editor is still the classic way to make yourselves heard and maybe even get published. These days, however, social media offers many alternative ways to deal directly with media...

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Letter of the Month – March 2012

While he’s a former winner from back in September 2011, Jacob Amir of Jerusalem has come up trumps again with two published letters during the month of March. And just to prove that Jacob is spreading...

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Letter of the Month – January 2012

Only one out of eight letters published by The Guardian in response to accusations of Israeli mistreatment of Palestinian child detainees took Israel’s side. While it may have been short (or perhaps...

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Letter of the Month – November 2011

Quantity shouldn’t trump quality but this month’s winner of Letter of the Month managed to get not one, but two excellent letters into Canada’s Hamilton Spectator in quick succession. Steven...

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Letter of the Month – October 2011

Who’s written the best letter for October?

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Letter of the Month – September 2011

Find out who got their letters published during September.

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August Letter of the Month

Who impressed us this month with a letter published in the papers? Find out and read the winning letter.

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Letter of the Month: Have You Been Published?

Been published in a media outlet? Send us your letters and we will pick the best written ones.

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