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Letter of the Month – Surprise Winner

The emailed letter to the editor is still the classic way to make yourselves heard and maybe even get published. These days, however, social media offers many alternative ways to deal directly with media outlets and the journalists themselves. That’s why our latest Letter of the Month isn’t a letter at all but a tweet.

Letter of the Month – January 2012

Only one out of eight letters published by The Guardian in response to accusations of Israeli mistreatment of Palestinian child detainees took Israel’s side. While it may have been short (or perhaps edited for length by The Guardian), HR subscriber Robert Simonofsky of New Jersey, USA wins January’s Letter of the Month by virtue of getting his letter

Letter of the Month – November 2011

Quantity shouldn’t trump quality but this month’s winner of Letter of the Month managed to get not one, but two excellent letters into Canada’s Hamilton Spectator in quick succession. Steven Scheffer of Burlington, Ontario had the first of his letters published on November 6: The Islamist definition of peace states the entire world must be