Long-Term Analysis articles

6 Month Analysis of the BBC: The Subtle Bias

The BBC is an organization under pressure. Over the past few weeks, the international broadcasting giant has seen its reputation reach its lowest ebb as a result of: Allowing an openly anti-Semitic posting to remain on a messageboard, which falsely claimed that Jewish Talmudic law allows Jews to lie to non-Jews and that Zionism is a racist

British Medical Journal’s Faulty Prescription

The British Medical Journal has previously published politicised reports on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that should have no place in a medical publication. The BMJ’s latest edition includes a study “Effects of armed conflict on access to emergency health care in Palestinian West Bank: systematic collection of data in emergency departments”, the objective of which is

Special Report on CNN

The winds of change begin to blow at CNN.

In-Depth Study Of BBC

A London lawyer publishes an exhaustive, groundbreaking analysis of seven weeks of BBC News.

The BBC Report

A London lawyer presents a comprehensive analysis of BBC's Mideast coverage. The results indicate an ongoing pattern of anti-Israel bias.