Madness In Madison

Jennifer Loewenstein has a history of radical anti-Israel activities including a failed attempt to twin the city of Madison, Wisconsin with Rafah in the Gaza Strip and propagating falsehoods surrounding the 2002 Israeli military operation in Jenin. Loewenstein has now been given the opportunity to spread further distortions in the Madison Capital Times.

Loewenstein falsely claims that Israel “opposes a two-state solution”, while claiming that Hamas:

“has stated clearly and repeatedly that it would accept a Palestinian state on the lands occupied by Israel in the 1967 war, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.”

In fact, Hamas has clearly stated its intent, not only to take possession of the aforementioned territory, but also to destroy the State of Israel in the process. Referring to Israel as an “army of thieves and wreckers”, Loewenstein’s diatribe claims that Israel’s “projected frontiers, the future borders, depend on the disappearance of these Arabs, which is anxiously anticipated and actively encouraged.” Loewenstein also accuses Israel of implementing a “racist and hegemonic vision”.

While acting as an apologist for Hamas and questioning the demands on the terror organization to recognize Israel and renounce violence, nowhere in this one-sided opinion piece is any mention of Palestinian terrorism against Israelis. Indeed, Loewenstein engages in the soft bigotry of low expectations by failing to attribute any responsibility to the Palestinians and Hamas for the current situation.

Despite the wide Israeli acceptance of a future Palestinian state and the terms of the Road Map to eventually bring this about (which Hamas has rejected the terms of), Loewenstein still claims that Israel opposes any solution “because it opposes the presence of another people on land it has claimed as the exclusive patrimony of the Jews.” This, despite the fact that Israeli Arabs, who constitute some 20% of Israel’s population, will be exercising their democratic rights and voting in the forthcoming election.

Loewenstein’s distorted attack on Israel and defense of Hamas is littered with errors, which should have no place even in an opinion piece.

Comments to the Madison Capital Times:


Much of the media still prefers to jettison the word “terrorist” in favor of the misleadingly soft term “militant”. It is still at least a week before April 1 yet the Associated Press has published this photo with the remarkable caption (emphasis added):

Militants of the Kadima party stand next to portraits of acting prime minister Ehud Olmert, right, and ailing prime minister Ariel Sharon at the Kadima headquarters in Jerusalem Wednesday March 22, 2006.”

Has the term “militant” become a common description for everyone? Comments to Associated Press:

If the international media is unable to distinguish between Israeli political party members and armed terrorists, try following coverage of the Israeli elections on Tuesday 28 March through Israeli news sources listed on HonestReporting’s Links page or JerusalemOnline’s live video coverage on the day of voting.


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