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The Sorry State of the World Zionist Conspiracy

The Sorry State of the World Zionist Conspiracy

The Zionist conspiracy took a hit when Syria outed the Arab League as a Zionist tool. For damage control, I pulled a few strings with fellow co-conspirators at the Times of London with this staff-ed: The Syrian response was little short of deranged, with the country’s state news agency swiftly denouncing the league as a

Might Jerusalem Survive A Nuke?

I checked out Would I Survive A Nuke (via Gizmodo). You enter your location and choose size of closest population centers and bombs and hit enter. I chose a relatively conservative scenario — A single 50 megaton atomic bomb hitting Tel Aviv. It would indeed have an effect on nearby Jerusalem. What would such strike mean for Jerusalem, home of

Media Cheat Sheet 11/13/2011

Everything you need to know this weekend’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Will Israel give the US advance notice of a possible attack on Iran? And why does a Haaretz cartoon have UNESCO officials worried about incitement? Iranian Atomic Urgency • According to the Daily Telegraph, Israel refuses to seek an American green light or

5 Reasons UNESCO’s Pique With Haaretz Cartoon is Hooey

You’d think UNESCO, an organization devoted to art and culture, would be savvy enough to respect satire and “get the joke,” even when UNESCO itself is part of the humor. Think again. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization leadership thinks this Haaretz cartoon incites violence and filed an official complaint with the Israeli delegation. 1. This


Media Cheat Sheet 11/10/2011

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Iran’s  nuclear program continues to dominate the news. As for the peace process, the PA’s going to seek “observer nation status” in the UN. But is it really part of a “diplomatic intifada,” as one journalist says? Iranian Atomic Urgency • Daily Mail:

The Occupation Is a Disease. Meet the Cure

Physicians for Human Rights and The Lancet channeled their inner Stallone with a nasty little screed about health care and Palestinian statehood: Israel has used health and medicine as an instrument of control and oppression of the Palestinian people and leadership in the occupied Palestinian territory throughout the years since 1967. We at Physicians for Human Rights—Israel


Media Cheat Sheet 11/09/2011

Everything you need to know about today’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. The IAEA’s report on Iran dominated the news, practically overshadowing the Palestinians conceding they can’t push statehood through the UN Security Council. Iranian Atomic Urgency • The NY Times posted on its web site a copy of the much-anticipated IAEA report (pdf)


“It Doesn’t Mean The Outrage Wasn’t Genuine”

Jennifer Rubin usually raises hackles with her blogging at the Washington Post. Now, her latest controversy about a Gilad Shalit-related tweet is raising questions about how journalists on Twitter reflect on the papers they work for. But more importantly, the ombudsman’s response raises a happy precedent for HonestReporting and web activists. It started with the


Media Cheat Sheet 11/08/2011

Welcome to everyone reading my cheat sheet for the first time. I used to write an in-house digest for the HonestReporting staff assessing the news, trends in coverage and other items of interest. We decided to share all that with you. You want to be well-informed but you have limited time to find the pearls in