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HR Radio: Should the Holocaust Be Fair Game for the BBC?

HR Radio: Should the Holocaust Be Fair Game for the BBC?

  Listen to Simon Plosker on the Voice of Israel by clicking on the image above or on this link to play. HonestReporting’s Simon Plosker discusses how the BBC manipulated International Holocaust Remembrance Day by asking if the Holocaust is still relevant today and how Sky News suggested to the UK’s Chief Rabbi that Israel is to blame for


How About Giving Israel’s Views A Chance?

In one of the most outrageous interviews broadcast in recent memory, a UK reporter covering the Paris anti-terror rally interrupted his guest, an Israeli woman living in Paris, to claim that Palestinians have suffered greatly at the hands of the Jews. When the woman protested the conflation of the terror in Paris with the plight


Paris Attacks Terror? Not According to BBC

For reasonable people, the attacks on the Charlie Hebdo offices and kosher supermarket in Paris were clear cases of terrorism. But apparently, not everyone who runs the BBC is reasonable. Take the head of BBC Arabic, Tarik Kafala, for example. For him, terrorism is too “loaded” a term to describe what happened. “We try to