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Suicide Bombers: Israel the Cause

Our newspapers are constantly filled with op-eds containing sophisticated arguments and convoluted themes. It is rare, however, to find something so error-ridden and ignorant as Andrew Alexander‘s opinion piece in the Daily Mail’s 22 June edition. Alexander asks: “Let us try to think the unthinkable: what it would be like to be in the mind of a suicide bomber.” Despite much

Gaza: The “Blame Israel Syndrome”

The brutal Palestinian infighting and Hamas takeover of Gaza does not fit comfortably into the all-too popular and one-sided conception that Palestinians bear no responsibility for their own actions. Taking a look at the BBC, Melanie Phillips notes: According to its ineffable Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen, the barbarism meted out by the Palestinians of Gaza upon each other

C4 Docs Provoke Critical Responses

Many people have written to us expressing their concerns over two documentaries broadcast on Channel 4 under the theme of “Battle for the Holy Land” - “Jerusalem”, aired on 19 May, and “Love Thy Neighbour” on 21 May. We do not wish to comment directly on material that is currently unavailable online for those subscribers who were unable to view these

Press Complaints Commission Sides With Indie on Uranium Shells Libel

HonestReporting UK called on The Independent to retract a cover story by Robert Fisk accusing Israel of firing depleted uranium shells at Lebanon during last year’s war. Despite the fact that a UN team and, later, Lebanese experts themselves put the canard to rest, The Independent never retracted its coverage. HR UK subscriber Gavin Gross lodged a

Balen Report: Court Rules in BBC’s Favour

The long-running efforts to force the BBC to publish the contents of the Balen Report appear to have come to a sorry end in the High Court. A judge has overturned an order that the report should be made public under Freedom of Information laws. In 2004, Malcolm Balen exhaustively examined the BBC’s radio and TV coverage of the

NUJ Boycott: A Reward For Palestinian Journalists?

HR UK’s international sister site addressed the ridiculous and self-defeating vote by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) to boycott Israel. Indeed, many people, including journalists, have protested the NUJ’s actions. However, even we were shocked by the NUJ’s justification for the boycott. General Secretary Jeremy Dear, in an e-mail forwarded to us by