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Call For Bowen’s Removal

We recently highlighted the continuing bias of the BBC’s Mideast editor Jeremy Bowen. Many of you copied us in on your complaints to the BBC concerning Bowen’s leaked e-mail that called into question his supposed impartiality, and an unbalanced report on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme. Having maintained the pressure on Bowen and the BBC

BBC Under Fire

The BBC’s report on the Eilat suicide bombing reveals the subtle yet insidious attitude of the corporation in its final paragraph: The last suicide attack was at a Tel Aviv restaurant, killing 10 people. Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in that time, mainly in the Gaza Strip. Is the BBC trying to justify

Hamas’ Unreality Check

Has Hamas moderated its views or has the media jumped to conclusions?

Bowen’s World

Times columnist Stephen Pollard, has acquired a leaked e-mail (republished in full below) from BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen to BBC staff. We think Pollard more than adequately sums up Bowen’s slanted analysis and predictions for the year ahead in Israel and the Mideast: It’s all too predictable. The “fragmentation” of Palestinian society has, in Mr Bowen’s

The Indie’s Hari’s Non-Response

It appears that our recent communique taking Johann Hari of the Independent to task has hit a raw nerve. Hari, employing Christian religious symbolism to attack Israel, tastelessly described the Virgin Mary as a “Palestinian refugee in Bethlehem”, and present-day pregnant Palestinian women as “21st century Marys” who “have been giving birth in startlingly similar conditions to

Carter’s Book: Presidential Pulp

The former US President's new book causes controversy.

UN Man’s Apartheid Charge

The UN's "Special Raporteur" airs his one-sided views in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Independent’s “Palestinian Marys”

The Independent has made no secret of its one-sided “campaigning journalism”. Most recently, the paper failed to retract Robert Fisk’s false accusation that Israel had used a “secret uranium bomb” in Lebanon. Now, the Independent’s seasonal appeal, featuring a variety of international charities, also focuses on the Palestinians. In a 23 December appeal, Johann Hari employs emotive religious symbolism, asking “What would happen

Guardian’s Lebanon Cartoon: Simply Wrong

Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell has a history of anti-Israel cartoons. Appearing in the paper’s 22 November edition, Bell’s take on the assassination of Lebanese politician Pierre Gemayel is simply factually and intellectually wrong. Employing a false moral equivalence, Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is pictured in the same company as Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iranian

Indie Fails to Retract False Allegations

HonestReporting UK recently challenged Robert Fisk’s charge that Israel had deployed a “secret uranium bomb” in Southern Lebanon during the recent conflict. In a fit of sensationalist reporting unbefitting a “quality” newspaper, the Independent published the story on the front page without waiting for the results of a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) investigation into