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Daily Mail Columnist Is Not a Wise Man

Back in June 2007, Daily Mail columnist Andrew Alexander demonstrated breathtaking ignorance and a penchant for making sloppy errors when he attempted to get inside the mind of a suicide bomber. In his latest effort, “Just one Wise Man would make a change“, Alexander clearly shows that he is no such Wise Man when it comes

No Qassams, No Terror, No Responsibility

 The Guardian gives extensive coverage to an international Palestinian donor conference taking place in Paris. Undoubtedly, Palestinians are suffering under harsh economic conditions. Predictably, in the eyes of Ian Black, Israel bears the bulk of responsibility for this: Crucially, though, there is little evidence so far of Israel’s readiness to ease restrictions on the Palestinians, vital if

The Grinch That Destroys Christmas

It’s that time of year again – the media prepares to take a festive bash at Israel.

Guardian’s Lax Student Research

The Guardian (as well as other media outlets) regularly portrays Israel as ‘collectively punishing’ Palestinians, failing to acknowledge legitimate Israeli security concerns. Rory McCarthy’s 6 November article focusing on the plight of some 670 Gazan students unable to return to universities abroad is certainly not the worst published in The Guardian. One cannot but sympathise with

Midest Conflict: Not Northern Ireland

The relative success of the Northern Ireland peace process is sometimes held up as workable example that can be directly applied to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Sadly, this is a misguided and misleading comparison and one that has been employed to justify engaging with Hamas. While the IRA and others engaged in terrorism, their ultimate aims

The Israel Lobby is Coming to Town

US professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer’s paper “The Israel Lobby” first received an airing in the London Review of Books in March 2006. Despite the controversy this paper aroused and Walt and Mearsheimer’s claims that their voices were being silenced, “The Israel Lobby” has now been published in book form. The original article was widely

Failure to Disclose

How can a journalist “forget” his interviewee’s position at the head of an anti-Israel NGO?

BBC Feeds Terror Propaganda to Children

As children, many of us grew up trusting John Craven’s BBC Newsround for a simple understanding of the news. Youngsters are, of course, particularly susceptible to taking television and other media reports at face value. That is why it is particularly disturbing read this report in the Daily Mail: Britain’s former spy chief accused the BBC of “parroting” Al

Reviewers Reject "The Israel Lobby"

Walt & Mearsheimer’s book receives harsh reviews in the mainstream media.