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Corrie Verdict: Time Magazine Slays Objectivity

Corrie Verdict: Time Magazine Slays Objectivity

The headline of Karl Vick’s report on the Rachel Corrie verdict in Time Magazine is a pretty good indicator of his personal feelings: The usage of the adjective “slain” or the verb “to slay” usually means the violent killing of someone intentionally, the exact opposite of the Israeli court ruling. Clearly Vick disagrees with the


Success: SABC Removes Anti-Semitic, Recycled Photo

Yesterday, HonestReporting called South Africa’s SABC News onto the carpet for a nasty bit of photo bias. I pointed out the photo’s irrelevancy (a 2010 Indonesian demonstration against the Mavi Marmara raid) to the story at hand (African migrants in Israel). Yarden Frankl also weighed in on the image’s anti-Semitic aspect. Several HonestReporting readers forwarded


Judge Absolves IDF For Rachel Corrie’s Death

Everything you need to know about today’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook. Today’s Top Stories 1. Absolving the IDF of responsibility for Rachel Corrie’s death, an Israeli civilian court rejected a lawsuit brought by her parents. This Jerusalem Post snippet sums up what you need to


HonestReporting Selected for US Combined Federal Campaign

We are pleased to announce that HonestReporting has been selected for the 2012 – 2013 Campaign year in the United States Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a program allowing certain charitable organizations to solicit contributions from employees of the federal government of the United States. The mission of the CFC

Rachel Corrie and the “Cycle of Violence”

The verdict from an Israeli judge that Rachel Corrie’s death was  an accident has set off a predictable whirlwind of media coverage. Reading The Guardian’s report, this section stands out: At the time – the height of the second intifada, or Palestinian uprising – house demolitions were common, part of an increasing cycle of violence


Palestinians Don’t Own Their National Movement Like They Used To

Everything you need to know about today’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook. Today’s Top Stories 1. A new IAEA report leaked to the press calls out Iran for illicitly speeding up work on its nuclear program. We’re talking about hundreds of new centrifuges and other equipment set

An Indonesian Muslim activist protests against the Israeli marines' storming of a Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza, during an anti-Israel demonstration in Jakarta

How Does SABC News Explain This Recycled Photo?

Question: You’re an editor looking to illustrate an article about Israeli efforts to curb the arrival of African migrants. With a wide pool of current and archived wire photos available, which of the following images would you choose? A) African migrants in Israel. B) Israeli police looking for African migrants. C) Israelis protesting for African migrants.

Assad’s Propaganda Machine Takes a Big Hit

Syria’s top news personality, Ola Abbas, who defected to the rebels a month ago, described the government’s propaganda machine to Der Spiegel. What makes the defection all the more damning is that Abbas is an Alawite. Orwellian repeatedly came to mind as I read the interview: The word “demonstrators” was prohibited in the media from the start.