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Special Reports: Israel Under Fire

  19 JULY – DAY EIGHT   PLEASE RESPOND TO THE FOLLOWING The Guardian eases up on its anti-Israel rhetoric by allowing the more moderate tones of Jonathan Freedland to put his analysis of the situation forward. Vicious words, however, are replaced by tasteless and graphic imagery in the form of a cartoon by Martin

The UK Media and Anti-Semitism

The comprehensive report of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Anti-Semitism in the UK has been published. The aims of the inquiry were: To consider evidence on the nature of contemporary anti-Semitism; To evaluate current efforts to confront it; To consider further measures that might usefully be introduced. Specifically regarding the role of the media in the rise of

Kasrils – Minister of "Intelligence"?

The South African politician and anti-Zionist compares Israel with Nazism.

Red Cross Ambulance Libel Exposed

An alleged Israeli missile attack on Red Cross ambulances is exposed as a hoax.

Red Cross Ambulance Libel Exposed

One of the most serious accusations levelled against Israel during the recent Lebanon conflict was that the IDF had deliberately targeted Red Cross ambulances. According to an AP report on July 24, Israeli jets blasted two Lebanese ambulances with rockets on the previous day, striking right in the middle of the red cross that was painted

Sourcing Quotes the Pilger Way

Writing in the latest edition of the New Statesman, columnist John Pilger launches a scathing diatribe against British PM Tony Blair’s Mideast policies, blaming him for the proliferation of home-grown terrorists and “collusion with the Israeli state in its deliberate, criminal attacks on civilians.” Indeed, Pilger takes the opportunity to viciously attack Israel, describing it

Covering the Conflict in the North

A review of some of the worst examples of media bias from the recent conflict

BBC’s Orla Exposed

Few tears were shed by our readership when the BBC’s Orla Guerin concluded her posting in the Middle East at the end of 2005. Guerin has, however, returned to report from Lebanon during the recent conflict. This alerted many media watchers, including the Drinking From Home blog, which compared Guerin’s 14 August report from the

Bold Distortions and Outright Lies

A Reuters photo turns out to be an outright lie, manipulated to make damage in Beirut appear much worse than reality.