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Gazans Name Babies After Iranian Missiles

YNet says the latest craze in Gaza is to name babies Fajr and Ahmad Jabari. It doesn’t say much for the chances of peace when you name your kids after missiles and terror commanders. We’ll know we’ve turned a corner when the Palestinians start giving their children names like Human Shield, Cannon Fodder, and Brainwashed.


Cease Fire Ends Operation Pillar of Defense

Everything you need to know about today’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook. Today’s Top Stories: 1. Nasty headline, nasty article looking at the effect of Israeli bombing on Gazan infrastructure, at The Independent. But McClatchy News blames the rocket squads for some of the destruction —


Airstrike on Aleppo Hospital While World Watched Gaza

While everyone watched Israel and Hamas slug it out, the Syrian civil war continued. So you can be forgiven for missing a Syrian airstrike on a hospital in Aleppo. The media wrung its hands over Palestinian casualties — collateral damage, thanks to Hamas using Shifa Hospital as cover for rocket launches and intentionally embedding itself


Huffington Post Reposting Anti-Semitic Cartoonist

In a live blog, the Huffington Post included the following: The cartoon itself makes the offensive suggestion that Netanyahu is profiting from Israel’s military action primarily to win votes in the forthcoming Israeli election. But the cartoonist is someone who should not be republished or promoted in any mainstream media outlet. Carlos Latuff, notorious for