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Israel Daily News Stream 04/25/2012

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Note to readers: The HonestReporting staff will be off for Israel Independence Day. There will be no Israel Daily News Stream tomorrow. Why did CNN try dragging Benjamin Netanyahu into US politics? Is India sacrificing Israeli defense ties for Iranian oil?

The Guardian’s “Capital” Offense

What a stupid correction this is. On Friday, The Guardian posted a photo — Jerusalem light rail passengers observing a national moment of silence for the Holocaust. The problem? The original caption referred to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Here’s the correction: The caption on a photograph featuring passengers on a tram in Jerusalem observing a


Israel Daily News Stream 04/22/2012

Everything you need to know about the weekend media coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Why is Christiane Amanpour fixated on a feigned fatwa? Did Marwan Barghouti sell out Yasser Arafat to Israeli interrogators? And what’s the significance of a Syrian opposition leader’s interview on Israel Radio? Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook.