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The MidEast PR Machine: From Assad to the Palestinians

The MidEast PR Machine: From Assad to the Palestinians

Assad believes the Western media can be manipulated to serve the Syrian regime.


Talking to Hamas, Talking to the Taliban

Rose-colored glasses are de rigueur in the Christian Science Monitor newsroom. With the US engaging the Taliban,  this Monitor staff-ed wants to apply similar logic to Israel and Hamas: President Obama was smart not to follow the example of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who warned against the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation deal. If the United States is willing to


Media Cheat Sheet 02/08/2012

Everything you need to know about today’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. How is Big Media reacting to Palestinian unity? What does UN disarray on Syria mean for Israel and Iran? And why is the BBC telling its staff to handle an Al-Qaida cleric extra nonjudgmentally? Join the Media Cheat Sheet Page on Facebook. Israel


Palestinians Get More Air Miles on Delta?

While I don’t fly all that often, I seem to have joined a lot of frequent flyer schemes. Looking at Delta Air Lines, it’s tempting to sign up for what looks like a great way to make some extra air miles. According to Delta, the “Palestinian Territories” are included as a Middle East destination. So

Financial Times: Israel Should Abide by Palestinian Demands

The Financial Times has been a long-time cheerleader for supposed Hamas “moderation”, blaming settlements for the impasse in the moribund peace process. This trend continues in the FT’s latest editorial. But what does this mean? The move towards reconciliation with Fatah could encourage Hamas to moderate its positions further. Direct attacks on Israel have fallen


Media Cheat Sheet 02/07/2012

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Hackers attack Assad’s office and leak documents to Haaretz for eye-opening revelations. Talking heads advise Israel on Iran. And is it time to send Judge Goldstone to Syria? Join the Media Cheat Sheet Page on Facebook. Israel and the Palestinians •


Israel Releases Images Online: Why It Matters

Good news for Israel’s online activists: Israel’s releasing its national photo collection from copyright restrictions. It opens up some new graphic opportunities for anyone struggling to find the right royalty free image. The LA Times writes: Images of key figures, pivotal moments and just plain interesting photographs documenting Israel’s history will now be freely available for


Time Brings Hamas In From the Cold

The mainstreaming of Hamas continues thanks to the obtuse dispatches of journos like Time‘s Karl Vick. The chief of the Palestinian party and militia, which the West knows chiefly for its suicide attacks on Israel, has declared repeatedly that it has decided to set aside violent resistance and, in the spirit of the Arab Spring,