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Israel Daily News Stream 06/05/2012

Israel Daily News Stream 06/05/2012

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast. UNESCO to formally consider World Heritage status for Church of the Nativity. Date set for Mavi Marmara trial. Did the Mubarak trial serve justice, or military interests? Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook. Israel and the Palestinians • UNESCO


When Crowdsourcing Reveals You’re an Idiot

Business Insider’s chief editor and CEO, Henry Blodget tried to crowdsource an answer to the question, Why Do People Hate Jews? Bad move. In the context of Blodget’s column, the question gave legitimacy to anti-Semitism. And a stereotypical photo of Chassidic Jews added to the incongruity. When the wisdom of the crowd rightly concluded this was idiocy,

Are You Ready to Take Your Israel Advocacy Up a Notch?

Just finished reading one the most unbelievably skewed commentaries I’ve ever seen. It’s so bad, I actually see it as a teachable moment. So rather than debunk it myself, I’m turning this over to the readers. So take a stab at addressing the issues raised by Belfast Telegraph columnist Eamonn McCann. We’re talking about: The Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions

Israel Daily News Stream 05/28/2012

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Palestinian pogrom in Christian village averted. Leaked documents say PA wants to use a human rights group as an intelligence gathering and propaganda front. Iran confirms it has personnel in Syria helping Bashar Assad put down the uprising. Join the Israel Daily