Mission Accomplished!

David Horovitz (right) opens HR's new office

And so HonestReporting’s latest ‘Inside Israel’ Mission has come to an end. Our participants from the US, Canada, UK and Australia were part of HonestReporting’s grand opening of our brand new office in the heart of Jerusalem, where founding editor of The Times of Israel, David Horovitz cut the red ribbon. They also got to spend the week receiving exclusive behind closed doors briefings from prominent Israeli political and security personalities as well as advocacy training and visits to the places making the news. Here are just some of the highlights:

Meeting the People Who Matter

With his high profile on social media platforms and taking the lead in fighting back against the delegitimization campaign against Israel, the Mission had the rare privilege of meeting Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ situation room. Ambassador Ayalon addressed the onslaught of delegitimization against Israel, stating that “HonestReporting is what we need to show what Israel is really like,” before giving the group an overview of many of the big issues facing Israel today and the importance of media and communications in a world of rapidly expanding social media.

Meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Against the stunning backdrop of the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, a welcome dinner guest was Deputy Director of the Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, Danny Seaman. He gave his personal take on his years dealing with foreign journalists as the head of the Government Press Office and detailed Israel’s latest efforts to educate and empower Israeli citizens to be positive advocates for their country while abroad.

Danny Seaman addresses the Mission during dinner

A familiar face on television screens is the Prime Minister’s Spokesman, Mark Regev, who gave Mission participants an off the record briefing on how Benjamin Netanyahu views the Iranian threat.

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Not "King Bibi" on the cover: Mark Regev holds a copy of Time magazine

We’d love to tell you everything that our special guest speakers said but then it wouldn’t be an exclusive briefing! The only way to find out is…

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