Dr. Michael Harari


Originally from Australia, Dr. Michael Harari moved to northern Israel in 2011, in search of a quieter life, and some goats. However, when Ziv Hospital, where Dr. Harari works as a pediatrician started receiving the first of hundreds of victims of Syrian fighting, he knew that his life was about to change.

A graduate of Melbourne’s Mount Scopus College, Harari’s grandparents hail from Syria and Egypt. His first visit to Israel in 1974 was “infection at first sight” and in the 1980s he made aliyah, serving in the Golan during the first Lebanon war before working at Hadassah Hospital.

A Hebrew and Arabic speaker, Dr. Harari returned in 1996 to see his family and take up a job offer of senior pediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. But Israel kept calling him home. “When I came back this time I was determined to work in a small hospital. I was determined to work somewhere where I could do something useful.” Today, Dr. Harari lives in Rosh Pina with his baby son… and a few goats.

Topics for HR Missions

Treating Syrian Victims of War at Ziv Hospital (May 2015)