Itai Anghel


Itai Anghel is one of the most prominent TV journalists in Israel, known for his unique field work and in-depth documentaries. Anghel is the only Israeli journalist who has been covering the Islamic State from within. His expertise and frontline reporting has taken him to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, Congo, Chechnya, Haiti, Lebanon, Kurdistan, Egypt,
Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and Gaza, to name but a few. His recent assignment took him to Syria and Iraq: the front line against ISIS. His identity is kept secret in countries hostile to the state of Israel; as a result, on most of these assignments he is alone, performing as a correspondent, cameraman, soundman, and producer. In reporting from war-torn regions, Anghel mixes a humane and empathic approach with historical and cultural context. This provides Anghel’s viewers with valuable insights and allows them to form new perspectives.

Topics for HR Missions

ISIS on Israel’s Border: Undercover and Behind Enemy Lines (May 2015)