Shadi Khalloul


Capt. (Res.) Shadi Khalloul is an Israeli Aramaic Christian Maronite from Kfar Birem and served as a lieutenant in a paratrooper division in the IDF. He is Chairman of the Aramaic Christian Association and acted for 2 years as spokesman for the IDF Christian Soldiers forum established by Christian Major Ehab Shlaian.

He has a degree in International Business and Finance from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada. He has lectured in the United States about Aramaic Christian and Maronite history and about the history and language of early Eastern Christianity, as well as about Jews, Aramaic Middle Eastern Christians, and Zionism.

His organization develops and advocates for laws to appear in the Knesset regarding improved Christian integration and achieving their basic civilian needs in the state of Israel. Each year many of the Jewish population pass through his Aramaic Center to learn about Eastern Christian history, Aramaic heritage in Gush Halav (Kafr Baram in the upper Galilee), and the common origins, relations, background, and threats to Jews and Christians in the Middle East.

Topics for HR Missions

Visit to Halav and Israel’s Maronite Community (May 2015)