Noam Bedein


Noam Bedein is a director of the Sderot Media Center, a media advocacy center which portrays the human face of Sderot and southern Israel under siege, to the international media and public. Noam, a native of Tzfat, grew up in Efrat, Israel. After the army, Noam served as an emissary for The Jewish Agency in Boston, Massachusetts and then traveled for a year in the Far East. Upon his return to Israel, Noam relocated to Sderot, founding the Sderot Media Center. In this position, Noam is a photojournalist, lecturer and gives briefings to foreign government officials, embassies, foreign press and student groups from around the world.

Within the last year, Noam has started “The Jerusalem Discovery” program, an exciting new center that provides personalized, sightseeing seminars in the desert communities Southeast of Jerusalem. The Center promotes open dialogue, co-existence, and mutual respect.

Topics for HR Missions

  • Visit to Gush Etzion Bloc (Dec 2014)
  • Discussion of living under fire at Sderot Media Center (May 2014)