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The Honest Reporting mission was a perfect balance between intelligent and thought provoking speakers and fascinating and eye opening day trips. I could not have been more pleased to be a participant. What a fantastic experience. So highly recommended.

– Jory Vernon, Toronto

HonestReporting gave us facts and tools to report the truth. The experts and leaders we met gave us an unvarnished understanding of Israel's history and current reality. We received the highest quality education from an unmatched variety of social, religious, military and political perspectives.The Mission gave me an improved confidence and capacity to defend Israel from propaganda and misperceptions aligned against it and to promote the accurate narrative necessary to help protect its future.

– Jack Hain, CA


We need to talk about Israel
JCA/NSW Jewish Board of Deputies

Two community members who have experienced a Talking About Israel course are taking their education further by attending the Board's HonestReporting Mission in November. This is their story.

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State-of-the-art training facility
Utilized first by HR mission group

Mission participants access the advocacy resources offered at HonestReporting's new international headquarters in Jerusalem: enhanced multi-media capabilities, rooftop lecture terrace...

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The seven days spent in Israel with HonestReporting were extraordinary and life changing. The speakers, the day trips, our leaders, and the other mission participants added up to a view of Israel's strengths and challenges far beyond my expectations. I will do this tour again.

– Laura Zuckerman

No matter how much you think you know about Israel, an Honest Reporting Mission will add a much deeper level of understanding of Israel and the media battles it is waging. There is no substitute for being there with experts. Highly recommended for all who want pierce the fog of this intellectual war.

– John Jacob Tollefsen, J.D., LL.M.

The Mission far exceeded my expectations. Not only were the speakers of a very high standard and filled us with enthusiasm, but also prepared us to feel confident in becoming advocates for Israel in our communities. Thank you for such an inspiring and energetic week.

– Gordon W., England

I must congratulate Suzanne and all concerned with the professionalism with which the Mission was organised and conducted. I know two West Australians who did the Mission in November last year so I certainly had high expectations but the reality of the first-hand experience even exceeded those expectations. We at the Friends of Israel (WA) will continue to promote HonestReporting and the fantastic job it is doing. Our members are, by definition, "converted" but we must back them up so they are adequately equipped to educate the silent and often ignorant majority. HonestReporting and its Mission are a major force in helping us achieve this. WELL DONE!!!

Tomorrow evening the Israeli Ambassador to Australia, Shmuel Ben-Shmuel will meet with the Friends of Israel committee at my home and you can be sure that we will take the opportunity to sing the praises of HR. Warmest regards to you and all my Mission friends.

– Phil Samuell OAM, Secretary, Friends of Israel (Western Australia) Inc.

I signed up for this Mission because I had such wonderful experience on the May 2008 Mission which I attended. This one was at least as good. The speakers and guides were outstanding, the places we visited were really worth spending time at, and Suzanne was meticulous in taking care of us, and keeping us on schedule. Most important, this Mission made me more committed than ever to supporting Israel and more knowledgeable in combating bias in the media and among people I meet. This is not just another tour of Israel. I highly recommend it!

– Jennifer Schneider, Tucson, AZ

I have been on many missions to Israel, and while each has its strengths I found the HonestReporting mission to be the most enriching in many ways. The speakers were top-notch, and I felt that I often received significant information not readily available to the public. In addition to the lectures on a wide variety of subjects, I enjoyed the tours, the first-class accommodations and the premier restaurants. The staff and my fellow participants were the icing on the cake, and I recommend this mission highly for anyone interested in experiencing Israel insightfully.

– Penny Herbst, Chicago

Please allow me to extend a sincere "thank you" to all of you for the wonderfully organized and coordinated trip! It was a pleasure to participate in such a phenomenal experience. When I signed up, I expected a great trip and a great learning experience; my expectations were met, exceeded, and then blown away! I appreciate the incredible work that must have gone into planning, organization, etc., and am very grateful for the amazing experience. Having never been to Israel before, I can't think of a better first visit – I learned so much that my mind is still processing half of it, and I can't wait to come back to Israel next year!

– Rachel Ford, Programmer-Analyst, WI

It is so important to let you know that as my third Mission with HonestReporting, it has been my best mission yet thanks to the high standard you are maintaining and the incredible speakers and participants you attract. Nothing compares to what you are offering and when somebody counters the Arab Media efficiently on their own terms like Dr Mordechai Kedar, a standing ovation is an irrepressible relief! It is not a picnic to be confronted with these existential issues and I came away feeling deeply surprised, shocked and amazed, but more committed than ever.

The land and startling traditions of her people is always surprising; the relentless bias and misinformation that is being perpetuated by Israel's enemies and inadvertently collaborated by her supporters never fails to be shocking; and the comprehensive impact of HonestReporting's dedicated and professional team is nothing short of amazing.

Thank you again for everything down to the last detail of the accommodation, culinary delights and incredible gifts we got.

– Ami B., Company Director, South Africa

Having been to Israel over 100 times, including many missions, I did not know what to expect on an HonestReporting Mission. However, the HonestReporting Mission was one of the best planned, substantive, high-level and upscale Missions which I have been on. The program was great, with outstanding and knowledgeable speakers. HonestReporting deserves enormous credit for providing a Mission that was first rate in every respect.

– Norman Lipoff, Past Chairman UJA and Lawyer

Great programming, delightful participants, exceptional and motivating speakers. A different and useful way of understanding Israel!

– Bobbie Morgenstern, Wynewood, PA

The HonestReporting staff sculpted a superior Mission that combined the finest thinkers in Israel, fine cuisine, and a sustained delivery of critical information that allowed an avowed MidEast news-junkie like me to put the puzzle together. Spiritually moving and well crafted, I recommend this Mission highly.

– Bruce, Clinical Associate Professor, New Jersey

HonestReporting's Mission exceeded my high expectations. It was first-class in every way. There's no other way I'd have gained direct access to such a notable experts or problematic areas. The Mission enhanced my awareness of the complex issues Israel faces, and I hope to be a much more effective advocate for truth in the media.

– Carol Stein, Dresher, PA

As a former participant of an HR Mission to Israel, I can attest to its high quality. The mission combines access to some of Israel's brightest speakers, in-depth tours, and an impressive support team to offer a great way to see Israel beyond the headlines, and begin to understand that complex country.

– Daniel Pipes, Director, Middle East Forum

I would like to congratulate you all at HonestReporting for the superb Mission you planned and delivered in May '07. As a non-Jewish participant, my motivation to attend stemmed from my interest in global politics, my concerns about the negative impacts of Islam on my Judeo-Christian Western culture and the very real threats to our freedoms and way of life, on a recognition that hypocritical and biased reporting against Israel exists, and on my interest in, and support for the continuing existence of a democratic, secular Israel. I believe that Israel is not just fighting for its existence, but is representative, more than ever before, of what can happen, and what is happening, in the West.

The HonestReporting Mission was varied, balanced, interesting and informative. Speakers from across the political spectrum were invited to speak, and all, despite their variety of stance and views, were courteously received. All were proponents or specialists of their respective fields at the highest levels. The variety and mix of politics, media, military history, history, culture and tours were excellent. The Jewish content was a brief, but stimulating introduction to Jewish religion and culture, and was in no way overbearing.

Thank you for a well-planned and wonderful experience, and an enlightening and balanced overview of the media's undoubted bias against Israel. The HonestReporting Mission undoubtedly will appeal primarily to supporters of Israel. They need to attend so that when they return to their countries they can help promote unbiased, fair and honest reporting of events in Israel and surrounding territories and countries, and can counter the media agencies and Israel's avowed enemies, who demonstrate or state unashamedly that they wish to see Israel destroyed. Israel and the West are equally at risk, and our survival depends as much on not losing on the media 'front' in the Middle East, as it does on winning.

– Warwick Stacey, Security Specialist, Melbourne, Australia