Nattering Naqba Nabobs

HonestReporting’s Simon Plosker was on Rusty Mike Radio discussing Naqba coverage and new perspectives on Israel-advocacy. Listen to the podcast.

One Palestinian who breached the border from Syria said he was shot while trying to kidnap an Israeli soldier. Will someone please notify The Economist? They think the border breach is new page in Palestinian Arab Spring non-violence. Yesterday, I debunked that idea.

Meanwhile, Jackson Diehl sees a bigger picture, laying out how everything Abbas has done in recent weeks is leading the Palestinians to war:

Meanwhile, there will be a change in Palestinian doctrine. The new goal will be one on which Abbas and Hamas can agree: not a peace treaty leading to statehood but statehood followed by negotiations, “a key focus” of which “will be reaching a just solution for Palestinian refugees” — whose return to Israel would mean its demise. “Palestine would be negotiating from the position of one United Nations member whose territory is militarily occupied by another,” Abbas declared. This is a formula for war — or “the third intifada,” as Palestinians are already calling it . . . .

Now Abbas is trying to transform the Arab Spring into a mass movement against Israel. It’s a maneuver that he knows will not bring peace, but it spares him, at age 76, from bearing the responsibility for making the concessions — on refugees, for example — necessary for a deal with Israel. If he succeeds, he could trigger not just another intifada but another Middle East war.

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