Neve Gordon: Still On the Fringes

Last year, Israeli professor Neve Gordon called for an international boycott of Israel.

He’s back with another boycott-divestment-sanctions bromide — this time on page 13 among the more receptive op-eds of The Observer.

BDS is not about a particular solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the demand that Israel abide by international law and UN resolutions.


It is, accordingly, something that you can support if you are for a two-state solution or a one-state solution. You can even support it as a Zionist.

I’m not going to tell Gordon he can’t express himself.

But as I pointed out last year — when the LA Times published the Ben-Gurion U. professor’s more well-known commentary — Gordon represents nobody but himself and small handful of people like David Landau. So why would any op-ed editor elevate a fringe view like this?

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