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February 26, 2007 12:00 by

The internet continues to grow as a major battleground in the war for public opinion. Citizen media blogs, photo and video sites have emerged as alternative information sources to the mainstream media and a powerful tool to spread messages and even support for extremism and terror.

Our recent expose of Reuters’ 2007 Calendar Gaffe and the subsequent reaction from Reuters’ editor-in-chief illustrates the power of a rapid online response. Thousands of you helped to move the issue to the front pages of web search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In turn, this created a critical mass as more people were exposed to the story and were encouraged to take action.

You can join our front line team of Media Responders, by downloading our very latest ‘action alert’ tool – the 24HR Megaphone.

Created by our colleagues at GIYUS, this simple to install Instant Alert tool brings HonestReporting breaking news in brief, to your PC in real time. You?ll be the first to know – and respond, to Media Bias, and Israel Activism issues as they occur. The tool is safe to install, can be put into ‘sleep’ mode as you require, and allows you to select which news feeds you receive at any time. Most importantly, you’ll ensure that we stay one step ahead in the fight against media bias! So join our latest effort and install 24HR now, by simply clicking on the image below.

Never has a realtime rapid response been so important for promoting a message and driving response to breaking issues of Media Bias. For the last six years, HonestReporting has been empowering concerned individuals to harness the power of email and the internet, to make a real difference.

Please take a moment and download 24HR now. It’s safe, it’s free, and it empowers you to make a difference more quickly than ever before.

Note to existing GIYUS users: Please uninstall your current Megaphone before downloading HR’s Megaphone. 24HR is an upgrade to the GIYUS Megaphone ? you will continue to have the option of receiving GIYUS alerts in addition to those of HonestReporting.

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